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Advantages of Acacia

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Tang Dynasty, Wang Wei, Acacia: Red Beans Born in the Spring of Southern China/p>

Liang Renzheng of the Southern Dynasty, in his book Shuyi Ji, said, "In the Warring States Period, the Wei State suffered from the Qin Dynasty." After a long period of time, his wife died in love with him. Both burial, burial on the grave, trees, branches and leaves are tilted toward the husband's place, because of the so-called Acacia wood.

The second part of Emperor Liang Wudi's Huanwen Song in the Southern Dynasty: "There are Acacia trees in the South, which are full of sympathy and compassion." Acacia is a spiny shrub or small tree of the leguminous family. It has two pinnate compound leaves and a capitate inflorescence clustered in the axilla of the leaves. When it blooms, it looks like a golden velvet ball. The golden silk tree is named after it.

The characteristics of Acacia wood:

The air-dry density is 1.01g/cm3, the texture is wavy, the structure is fine, the color is elegant, the weather resistance is very strong, and it is not easy to deform under the high temperature climate conditions.

Acacia wood air-dry density: 0.88-0.96g/cm3, fine wood, high density, dark brown or chocolate heartwood, uniform structure, good strength and impact toughness, corrosion resistance, growth ring obvious and natural, forming a unique natural texture, noble and elegant. The wood has good stability, strong toughness, corrosion resistance and low shrinkage. Rich in quality, unique in texture and wonderful in color, it is widely used in furniture, kitchen utensils, musical instruments and so on.

Eastern and southern Africa has the largest number of plains, and it has become a famous landscape on the grasslands and savanna of southern Africa. Some are important economic plants.