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Why do bedrooms use wood floors.

Reasons for using wood flooring: 1. Wood floor has the function of regulating indoor temperature and humidity; 2. Wood floor is made of natural wood, natural environmental protection 3. The wood floor absorbs ultraviolet rays and adjusts the temperature and humidity to protect the eyes.



The wood floor can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and the thermal conductivity is small, with the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. For example, in that season, regardless of the temperature, wood products are very poor heat conductors, with small temperature differences, and it is not so cold to wear socks without floor heating in winter.


Solid wood flooring has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure, shortening reverberation time, and reducing noise pollution. At the same time, the solid wood floor is soft and moderate, slippery and moderate, which plays a buffering role and avoids the danger of the elderly and children falling. Solid wood flooring has no condensation, no mildew characteristics, can avoid the breeding of mite bacteria, nose and skin allergies. On the other hand, solid wood flooring does not contain microorganisms such as insects.



The thermal conductivity of ceramic tiles is relatively good, so the thermal insulation performance of ceramic tiles is relatively poor. The tile feels cold in the cold winter, but the wood floor feels a little good. Wood floor insulation is very high, even if bare feet step on the same room temperature wood floor and tiles, the feeling is completely different.



Why do people choose wood floors now?

The wood floor is natural and simple, and the floor is also a choice for more people. 1. Advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring Advantages: more comfortable feet, high color value, low pain when falling. Disadvantages: wooden floor is relatively difficult to take care of, wear and durability is not as good as ceramic tile; not waterproof, not suitable for use in areas with severe moisture regain. 2, the choice of wood floor There are three main types of common wood flooring: solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring is the floor of pure logs, with better texture and higher comfort, but regular waxing and maintenance are required, and the price is also the highest. Solid wood composite floor is made of different plates, with solid wood foot feeling, stronger durability and the highest cost performance. Laminate flooring has the color value of wood flooring, but the foot feels bad and the price is slightly lower. Choice suggestion: not bad money and have the energy to take care of, choose solid wood floor; Considering the cost performance, choose solid wood composite floor. If you only want the color value of wood floor, you can consider reinforced wood floor. Recommendations: Consider comfort, foot feeling, and not afraid of trouble, choose wood floor. Considering the price, durability, the living room floor tiles are recommended. In the area with serious resurgence on the first floor or in the south, floor tiles shall be selected.



How to choose wood?

Many people are limited to the economic and living conditions, or in order to pursue a personalized style, but are not satisfied with the furniture sold on the market, and intend to design and make it by themselves (or ask others to make it). This involves the selection of wood and plywood for making furniture. Here are some basic knowledge. General furniture wood to choose Fraxinus mandshurica, Korean pine, birch, Chu wood, etc., and plywood to basswood, cypress, Fraxinus mandshurica, etc. is appropriate. In addition to looking at the type of wood, the most important thing to choose wood is to look at its material, texture and color. 1. It should be seen whether the wood material is normal. If the color of the wood surface is light yellow or white, sawdust will peel off with a fingernail, indicating that the wood has rotted and cannot be used. Plywood should also see whether it has open glue, mildew, bubbling, deformation and bad edge and other phenomena, such as the above defects should not be selected. 2. It should be seen whether the texture of the wood is straight. The wood with straight texture is easy to plane and saw, and the surface of the furniture made is smooth and not easy to deform. 3. The texture and color of wood and plywood can be selected according to the method of surface decoration after the furniture is made. If you like light-colored or natural-colored water furniture (I. e., wood grain finish), you should choose wood and plywood with light color, consistent color and clear and beautiful wood grain. If you plan to paint dark water furniture, choose wood and plywood with clear and beautiful wood grain. The color and texture of PVC film, wood and plywood does not matter if you are going to enamel or apply it. Wood and plywood should be as few as possible scarring, cracks and insect eyes, moisture content should not be too high (about 18% in the south of China, about 13% in the north), otherwise the furniture made of furniture is easy to deformation or cracking. If you purchase logs, you can saw the logs and bark into plates of a certain specification according to the materials used to make furniture, and bundle or stack several pieces. Each piece is padded with wooden beams in the middle, and is placed flat in a dry and ventilated place for more than half a year before being used to make furniture. The furniture thus made is not easy to deform, crack or warp.