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Wood Maintenance Tips Share to Make Home Quality Better

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Introduction to the installation preparation and maintenance techniques of cork flooring:

1. The ground should be clean, dry, stable and smooth. Before installation, it is necessary to make up for irregularities (the height error is not more than 3 mm per square meter). Ground irregularity will make the floor feet after installation feel empty, which will cause the floor cracks to increase and damage seriously.

2. Reserve a gap not less than 13 mm between the door and the ground, and ensure that the normal switch of the door does not friction with the ground.

3. If construction is carried out on the original floor decoration materials, it is necessary to ensure that the original floor materials will not deform or the problems will be borne by the customers.

4. When doing other decoration, the floor should not be fixed with the ground or filled with the surrounding expansion joints to ensure the normal floating and expansion of the floor.

5. Customers with geothermal heating systems should ensure that indoor humidity is between 40% and 60% when the system is in use and avoid sudden rise and drop of humidity. Before installation, it should be preheated for 2-7 days until the ground moisture dissipates.

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