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How to select wood?

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Many people are limited to the economic and living conditions, or in order to pursue a personalized style, but not satisfied with the furniture sold on the market, they intend to design and manufacture (or invite others to make it). This involves the selection of wood and plywood for furniture making. Here are some basic knowledge.

Generally, the choice of wood for furniture is mostly Fraxinus mandshurica, Pinus koraiensis, Birch, Basswood and so on, while plywood is suitable for basswood, Jianbai and Fraxinus mandshurica. In addition to the types of wood, the most important thing to choose wood depends on its material, texture and color.

1. Should see whether the wood material is normal, if the wood surface part of the color is pale yellow or white, with fingernails scratched with sawdust peeling, indicating that the wood has rotted, can not be used. Plywood should also depend on whether it has glue opening, mildew, bubbling, deformation and bad edges. If there are such defects, it should not be selected.

2. Should see whether the wood texture is straight, the wood with straight texture is easy to be planned and sawed, and the furniture made is smooth and not easy to be deformed.

3. The texture and color of wood and plywood can be selected according to the method of surface decoration after making furniture. If you like light or natural clean water furniture (i.e. dew wood decoration), you should choose wood and plywood with light color, uniform color and clear and beautiful wood grain. If you plan to paint dark clear water furniture, choose wood and plywood with clear and beautiful grain. The color and texture of PVC film, wood and plywood do not matter if they are to be painted or pasted with enamel.

4. Wood and plywood should be as few scars, cracks and wormholes as possible, and the moisture content should not be too high (about 18% in the South and 13% in the north), otherwise the furniture and furniture made of wood and plywood are liable to be deformed or cracked. If you buy logs, you can saw logs and bark into plates of certain specifications according to the materials used to make furniture, bundle or stack several pieces, place them in the middle of each piece with wooden loquats, and then hang them in a dry and ventilated place for more than half a year before you use them to make furniture. The furniture made by this way is not easy to deform, crack or warp.

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